Glimta Technology AB is a Swedish technology lab assisting publishers with business- and software development plus online services.

Our goal is to monetize quality journalism. 

In order to do this, we are developing an online platform with a purpose to offer publishers innovative, user-friendly and scalable business opportunities within digital subscriptions. 

Our first feature is a marketplace supporting unlocking and sharing of paywall content for the benefit of both PR professionals and Publishers: The Glimta Unlock


We are founded by experienced entrepreneurs with a background in publishing, technology and online media.
Our team is based in Stockholm, Sweden. 



We offer customized technology projects and develops a portfolio of products and services with digital subscriptions for the media industry.



Glimta Unlock is the worlds first marketplace for unlocking paywall content.
The platform connects publishers and PR companies to support frictionless sharing (email, social media, web pages) of premium articles behind paywalls.