How Glimta unlock articles behind paywalls

Glimta is an online marketplace connecting the PR Industry and News Media.
The platform supports unlocking of paywall content and friction-free sharing on social media.


Would you like to be able to unlock premium news articles that are published behind paywalls and share it on social media so everyone can read?

Well, then you need Glimta. A new and innovative platform made to fulfil precisely that.

Our vision is simple: To provide online journalism with a new sustainable revenue stream and to make online PR create impact again.

This is how it works:

  1. You find a fine piece of premium content behind a publisher’s paywall. You would like other people to experience it. Your friends, customers, employees or other target groups.
  2. You go to and register for free.
  3. You log in and paste the URL of the locked article in the search form. If the publisher has integrated with Glimta you immediately get a price offer.
  4. You pay with a credit card (or invoice for some markets). The revenue is split between Glimta and the publisher.
  5. In a minute you get a “super-link” in the e-mail. The link bypasses the paywall and gives direct access to the premium article or video.
  6. The super-link can immediately be shared on social media, e-mail or on the web. Everyone using the link get access without subscribing. Normally the link works for 6 months.
  7. Statistics and analytics are then provided by Glimta Dashboard, both for the seller (the publisher) and for the buyer (normally a PR professional).

PR agencies and Communication departments benefit in several ways:

  • Glimta unleash the power of content by unlocking links to paywalls in a safe manner.
  • Glimta facilitates social distribution of paywall content and extends the reach.
  • Glimta restore impact of online PR such as media placements.

More information for PR Pros here.


Publishers benefit in several ways:

  • New revenue from a category of clients that didn’t use to pay.
  • Unlocking single articles for PR doesn’t cannibalise the core subscription business.
  • Low risk without investments, fixed costs or lock-in agreements.
  • Minimal tech integration (normally less than a couple of hours).
  • Ethical business model as journalism and sales are separated.

More information for Publishers here.

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