We help publishers monetize their paywalls by providing smart services to the PR industry 

Glimta is a new platform that enables publishers to monetize their paywalls in an untapped market – the PR and communication industry.  

Paywalls are becoming the new normal in the publishing industry due to the ongoing shift in focus from advertising revenue to reader revenue. Daily newspapers and magazines all over the world are now experiencing tremendous growth in online subscription revenue. 

Interestingly, paywalls also give rise to other business opportunities. For example, solutions for the PR industry. 

PR and Communication face a huge challenge as media coverage from press releases and other communication activities are hidden behind paywalls. When online reach decrease and social distribution is hampered, the PR people are not getting bang for the buck anymore. 

Publishers can now solve that problem – and charge for it. 

You simply provide unlocking of a single article for a buyer that wants to spread that particular story. It is done by creating a “super-link” that bypasses the paywall, and a permission for the buyer to share the super-link with other people. Read this to understand how it works. 

Partnering with Glimta is easy. Just sign up and connect to our marketplace and receive requests from customers. As a third-party player we take care of the sales and marketing while the publisher can concentrate on journalism.

The client will very often be a PR agency helping companies with “media placements” in quality media publications. Or any company or organization with a desire to spread content from trusted paid sources to a larger audience. 

The business model isn’t really new. In the golden days of the printed newspaper we used to call it reprint: Printed copies of a particular newspaper page to be handed out at trade shows and so on. The problem was all the work the reprint required. And it didn’t really scale.

Unlocking links is much smarter and more innovative. Yes, it is a burgeoning revenue model, but it is definitely a new revenue stream. Most important, it doesn’t compete or disturb the core – the subscription business.  

Glimta also offers a sustainable business model. As a third-party player, we take care of the sales and marketing while the publisher can concentrate on journalism. 

Partnering with Glimta is super easy. You just sign up and connect to our marketplace to receive requests from customers. Before starting to deliver super links, you need to conduct a minor tech integration.  

Glimta takes care of everything else:

  • Hosting marketplace
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Order and Payment (credit card or invoice)
  • Customer support
  • Publisher Dashboard

For the above Glimta have 30 percent revenue split. 70 percent goes to the publisher. Transactions are reported in real time and revenues are distributed every night. Glimta requires no investments and no fees and no locked-in agreements.

The Glimta Publisher Dashboard shows real-time statistics.

Our long-term vision is to develop a sustainable revenue model supporting quality journalism together with early adopters in the Publishing industry and the PR industry. 

Developers, download our technical White Paper.

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