Glimta Products




Glimta Unlock Provides publishers with a smooth, easy way to offer ”superlinks” that unlocks pages behind paywalls. In production.
Glimta Article Provides purchase options for a single article. In beta testing.
Glimta Subscription Universal subscription with a revenue-sharing model that fits all publishers, from open sites without paywall taking donations to large commercial publishers. Beta Q4 2019
Glimta Donate Donation model for single payments to sites without paywalls. Beta Q4 2019
Glimta Paywall plugin for WordPress Easy-to-setup paywall with Glimta Subscription integration. In beta testing.
Glimta Publisher Dashboard Provides a dashboard for monitoring daily revenues, setting pricing options, vouchers etc. In production.
Glimta Media Monitoring API API for our media monitoring partners to query about the possibility to unlock certain articles. In production.
Glimta Partner Links Special Glimta urls that are showing partner-branded purchase pages. In production.
Glimta Share-to-Friend Enables newspapers to add sharing functions for subscribers. All controlled by the Glimta measuring technologies. Beta Q1 2020
Glimta Interview+ Let the subject of an interview get x number of article reads to share with friends, family or colleagues. The superlink can be commercially upgraded to allow a larger distribution. TBD
Superlink Factory Allows media monitoring companies to offer  limited access to news articles. The Superlinks can be invoked in report etc.

All traffic is measured and controlled by Glimta, preventing any misuse.

PR Metrics API API that allows our PR partners to invoke the use (clicks and time spent)  of purchased Superlinks into their reports. TDB