Glimta PTR (Pay-To-Read) is now available for testing.

The Glimta Superlink technology can be used for many different purposes.
We started with what we called Glimta Unlock, now renamed to Glimta PTS (Pay-To-Share).
This is the base of the Glimta services and is usually what attracts the interest from newspapers.

However, when a newspaper has integrated its paywall with Glimta, new services can be tested.

One of these allows a newspaper to offer the ability to sell access to individual articles using micropayments.

Technically we use the same underlying Glimta Superlink technology, meaning nothing extra needs to be installed in the paywall. Just configured in the Glimta Publisher site settings.

Even the same Glimta button/link can be used: If only one service is active, only one purchase option will be presented to the customer. If two are enabled, in this case both PTS and PTR, two options are presented.

Glimta Publishing Partners can play around with PTR on sections of the newspaper to try out the technology. Or just on some individual article.

Glimta PTR uses the same rule settings as PTS, allowing for differentiated pricing on various section of the newspaper.

Note: Glimta PTR is optional and needs to be activated.