Philanthropic article sponsoring added to Glimta PTS!

In these boring Corona times, we decided to add a feature to our Pay-To-Share article service: The Philanthropic sponsoring option!

With this it it possible to let anyone read an interesting news article on behalf of a sponsoring philanthropist!

As a publisher, you simply choose ”Allow Philanthropic buys” in the Pay-To-Share rule.

Then, when someone selects and article in Glimta, a new option is presented:


If an article is unlocked in this fashion, the next user that clicks on the Glimta button (next to the article) will get the option to read the article, free of charge!


In order to present the sponsor of an article, Glimta needs to verify the sponsor.
This is to prevent fake sponsors or improper names.

Note. The sponsor name presentation is now optional, i.e sponsors can be anonymous.


Technical explanation:
The Philanthropy sharing works like a regular Glimta Pay-To-Share purchase, but the sharing link is not needed.

Instead, when someone (that is interested in reading an article behind the paywall) clicks on the Glimta button, a message with ”This article reading is generously sponsored by NAME/COMPANY, would you like to read it?”.

If yes, the purchased Glimta superlink is used together with a redirect that takes the reader to the article.

From the publisher site it looks just like any other Glimta access and it is checked towards the Glimta API in the same fashion. No additional code is needed on the servers!