Glimta Publishare goes live!

We have made a nice function for journalists that like to share the finished article with the subject of the interview.

We managed to do this without any modification on the Glimta server side implementation, so all Glimta-enabled newspapers can start to use this right away!

As it works, a new setting is now present in /Economics, allowing for a fine-grain tuning of what articles that can be shared. And how many times these VIP links shall be valid for, like 3 reads.

Also, a signup link can be created and send to the newspaper staff, allowing for self-registration.

All VIP links created will be listed in the monthly Glimta report, allowing managers to spot any misuse.

Best of all: This is a free-of-charge service from Glimta!

Have fun!

/Mikael Runhem, CTO, Glimta Technology AB