Glimta superlinks with QR codes helps printed media.

One of our publishing partners wanted to have a ”Read the full test”-URL link in the printed edition.

But the article was behind their paywall. And the readers of the printed newspaper should be able to access the article…

So, we created a Glimta Pay-To-Share (PTS) URL, valid for 10.000 clicks.

No problems. But it became a quite long URL… And the success rate for any human to manually enter that URL without error was probably very low.

So, a shorter URL with redirection to the (long) Glimta URL was created.

But we realised that it would be much better with a QR code, embedding the Glimta superlink URL!

So, as a result, all Glimta PTS purchases are now delivered with an additional QR code (besides the regular superlink) to make any use in printed media easier.

In the near future we plan to divide the regular superlink with the link in the QR code to facilitate better tracking of usage.